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Why Claremont?

“Brokers” are easy to find

Any prudent business should seek an Advisor that’s going to advocate on their behalf.
If you could save money today AND at renewal time, why wouldn’t you give your plan a second look?

Ease of Use

Digital first = efficiency for both plan members and plan administrators.

Maximizing Your Dollars

Not all brokerages are created equal. We focus on the fee structures of Canadian insurers & administrators so you get the best bang for your buck.

Plan Sustainability

Our preferred supplier arrangements include cost containment measures to ensure that, with claims patterns being equal, your plan will renew better with our solutions than elsewhere.

Plan Design Flexibility

Employee’s needs vary more today than ever before. We ensure you’re implementing a plan design that employees will appreciate.

Data Driven Decisions

Meeting your objectives is our #1 prioritiy. We use our industry expertise to match your interests with solutions that have worked for others.

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Our Solutions

The Claremont Team and our Network of Trusted Specialist Partners can assist you in the following areas:

Group Health Benefits Plans

Group Retirement Plans

Healthcare Spending Accounts (HSA)

Lifestyle & Wellness Spending Accounts (Taxable)

US (Cross-Border) Benefits Plans

Optional Insurance

Disability Management

Owner/Executive Insurance

Individual Insurance

Insuring the Gig Economy

Virtual Medical

Virtual mental Health

Travel Insurance

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